Web1on1 Automotive Conversations


Livechat Widget

Autostart a bot

The following data attribute is used in the examples below:

  • data-web1on1-bot

Example 1: Start a bot when the widget is opened

On this page, a bot is started when the widget is opened.

Try it out, it uses the following code:

This works by listening to the widget:opened event, and making a sendClientMessage API function call, to send a message as the contact. The message itself is constructed like this:

The prefix to trigger bots is always '>cs'. With only the bot ID specified, the conversation will be assigned to the bot. If a 'command' and optionally a 'variable' are provided, these will be constructed into a mention to the bot on behalf of the contact.

Example 2: Start a bot immediately, using static script tags

To load the widget and start a bot immediately, use the following html snippet

Example 3: Start a bot immediately, using dynamic script tags